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Mandatory Disclosure

Rules & Regulations

Maintain order, ensure fairness.

Rules in college establish a conducive learning environment, ensure academic integrity, promote safety, respect diversity, and uphold community standards for all.

Teaching Staff

Dedicated educators, mentors, advisors, administrators fostering student success and growth.

NOC State Government

Government support enhances infrastructure, faculty recruitment, student aid, research opportunities.

Affiliation UoR

Faculty development, infrastructure enhancement, fostering growth.


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Sand Dunes College of Excellence

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Sand Dunes College of Excellence

Campus Life

Find Your Second Family in Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes College of Excellence provides support, friendship, guidance, and opportunities, fostering personal growth and a sense of belonging for students.


Sand Dunes College of Excellence offers quality education, supportive faculty, diverse programs, robust resources, vibrant campus life, and ample opportunities for growth.